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Knowledge Base

How long does it take you to complete a project?

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Each project is different. For example, some of our clients might require some basic pages that do not involve too much design. Others might need some 2D applications, which will require more work. We also design comprehensive 3D projects, which take days or even more. All in all, knowing what you need will most likely tell us how much time we need to complete your project. Get in touch with us and we can give you a more precise estimate.

Is there a fixed cost for specific projects?

Giving you the cost of a project without knowing what you want is like telling you how much it will take with the same data – practically, it is impossible. We need to talk to you about your needs and we require more than just a few details. We need to know what kind of design it is, not to mention the types of scripts associated with it. Only then we can give you a specific quote.

What kind of design or projects do you do?

Design is a comprehensive field. It can cover multiple areas and we have lots of people specialized in a series of different ideas. For example, we do both 2D and 3D development. It is not all about design though, as we also have expert coders and script writers who can make things move with nothing but letters and numbers. We also conduct image design projects, such as illustrating projects or perhaps product surfacing projects.

What kind of clients do you work with best?

It really makes no difference. We work best with everyone. We are all about the people. We have done small projects in not more than hours or a day – simplistic projects or presentations that did not require too much work. On the other hand, we have also had comprehensive projects – such as 3D illustrations or even games and applications that required days or even weeks to complete. All in all, no project is too big or too small for us – no doubts about it.

Do you accept all clients who get in touch with you?

Simply put, no. We do try our best to take every client who wants to get in touch with us. We are flexible and we have so many experts on site that we can match someone to each of our clients. With all these, we cannot work with everyone. If we feel like things are not going to work out, we simply let you know upfront. Generally, it is less likely to happen, but still possible.

Do you outsource any of the work you do?

No, yet we used to in the beginning. We had a few partners who we relied on when our clients needed things that we could not do. Overtime, our company has grown a lot. In other words, we now have the logistics to take any project. We can take multiple large projects at the same time and complete them without being late. Our team has grown and we have decided to employ more professionals instead of outsourcing some of our work.



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