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Find out who DV Garage is, what we do, what is our mission and who our main team members are.

DV Garage at a quick glance for our clients

DV Garage was born in 2001. The name is quite self explanatory – it was started in a garage. Back then, it was based on two people only – Dan Atkins and Victor Macclesfield, hence the name. It was operated from a garage for around two years. Moreover, it took basic local clients in the attempt to grow. Most clients required 2D projects, yet there were a few solid 3D requests as well. In 2001, the company was not even a company. It was only a project based name whose founders were freelancers. It took DV Garage a few years to catch up. Meanwhile, the founders only handled small local projects. In 2006, they had to register the name as a company, as it was already catching up and projects were getting more and more sophisticated. It was no longer freelance work, but proper business work that required a bit of expansion. This is when the real game began.

Since 2006, DV Garage took an ascending path and never stopped. Our projects became more and more complicated. We were obviously forced to expand the team and we actually get new additions every once in a while, depending on which way the trends go or what new requirements our clients have. We always tailor ourselves to our clients’ needs and expectations, so we are on top of the game. No matter what you might need, you can consider it done. We are specialized in design of any kind – be it 2D, 3D, software based and so on. You name it and we have it on the list.

Our Top Skills

Our top skills are based on our most common requests from clients.

We are not here for a good time, we are here for a long time. In a digital age, DV Garage has been created to support everyone’s needs regardless of their projects. No project is too small or big for us. We will provide the quality you require at an affordable rate. We are overwhelmed with projects, so we simply do not have to overcharge our clients for profits. It is all about quality and passion.

Dan Atkins – CEO









Our Team Members

Here are the people turning your vision into real design projects

Your vision is our vision until your project is over

Our team is based on professionals. We employ the best of the best in an industry that is simply overwhelmed. There are design companies everywhere – even kids these days can play with Photoshop and come up with some decent projects. We take all these to the next level. We are the kind of people whose projects will be given as samples to other companies – quality will always come first.

Our team is much bigger – these are only the team leaders. We have multiple Photoshop experts, 2D developers, 3D developers, product resurfacing experts and so on. Each project is assigned a team of experts. It depends on multiple factors, such as the scale of your project, the design requirements or the time frame. Whatever you have in mind, chances are we can make it happen and transpose it into design.