Products to help you create more realistic 3D graphics




Currently Available Products:

The Surface Suite

The Surface Suite is a 7-CD set of all dvGarage Surfacing products:

Surface Toolkit, Reflection Toolkit, Graffiti Collection, Water Damage, Aircraft Parts, and Color Companion.

Surface Toolkit

The Secret Weapon for truly realistic surfacing! The Surface Toolkit is not just another texture map disk. Its a professional surface toolbox, the distilled essence of reality that is absolutely necessary to create believable 3D work.

Reflection Toolkit

Give your objects unprecedented realism with maps that reflect the entire scene, not just a snapshot. The Reflection Toolkit provides a rich variety of spherical maps that includes commercial, residential, industrial, beaches, forests, cities, and more.

Graffiti Collection

The Graffiti Collection provides you a quick solution for projects that require an urban "feel". Whether you are working in 2D or 3D the textures can be applied quickly and easily giving your project an added level of realism in minutes.

Water Damage

Bring the subtle realism of water to your next photo-real minutes. Water Damage expands on the Surface Toolkit by focusing on the effects of water on surfaces all around us. The CD includes fingerprints, footprints, splatters, drops, and even "Water Brushes" to allow you to dabble water damage where you need it.

Aircraft Parts

Instant rivots, patches, and lettering at your fingertips. Aircraft Parts is an extension of the Surface Toolkit collection focusing on mechanical elements and reference. With over 900 reference photos of real commercial and military aircraft, carefully extracted patch work images, stencils and logos, plus Photoshop rivet brushes.