The Secret Weapon for truly realistic surfacing!

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The Surface Toolkit is not just another texture map disk. It’s truly a professional surface toolbox. While most collections are images of actual surfaces like wood, concrete, or steel, the Surface Toolkit is the distilled essence of reality that is absolutely necessary to create truly believable 3D work.

How It Works

The Surface Toolkit looks like a collection of Ink Blotch tests but what you are actually looking at are building blocks designed to be mixed and matched together to create exactly what you need for a specific surfacing challenge. By utilizing Photoshop blending layers, you end up with literally millions of combinations at your finger tips. Whether it’s scuffs, scratches, dust, or dirt...or all of the above, the Surface Toolkit provides the raw materials for you to build your own surfaces from scratch.

Use It With Other Texture Collections

Most texture maps tend to be clean. This is because dirt and wear doesn’t repeat well. You actually need to make them more uniform to have them work. The Surface Toolkit lets you subtly re-introduce the grit of reality back to your surfaces as a layer.

For 2D Work

Beyond 3D work, the Surface Toolkit provides powerful tools to beat up and wear down pristine 2D imagery into something more natural and realistic. With the “Grunge” look in fashion, this tool becomes a key collection for you to introduce organic and highly detailed damage that you can mold to exactly what you need.

A Professional Tool

Used in many of the largest effects houses (especially in matte departments), the Surface Toolkit is the secret weapon to adding large doses of reality in record time.