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At last you can get expert Shake training on a DVD from master trainer Steve Wright. These training videos will take you from beginner to expert in Shake compositing with 120 superb quality videos for a total run time of 13.25 hours.

Apple's Shake 4.1 is a world class node-based compositing program that you can now own for less than $360 on With this DVD you will learn how to navigate Shake's user interface, composite CGI, do bluescreen compositing, learn color correcting and motion tracking, and how to rotoscope with Shake's excellent image quality and elegant user interface. The incredibly low price of Shake combined with this training DVD offers you an extremely cost-effective way to learn Shake compositing.

This DVD offers a superb training experience as Steve Wright smoothly walks you through the many features and functions of Shake in a clear and easy to follow manner. The movies are broken down into bite-size pieces of typically 5-6 minutes each. Not only is this easier on the brain, but it also allows you to jump to a specific topic if you want to learn about something in particular, like chromakeying, for example.

Shake has been used on many academy award winning feature films and is still in use in many visual effects studios today. If you know Shake node-based compositing then any potential employer will know you could quickly come up to speed on whatever node-based compositing software that they might be using, whether it is Combustion, Digital Fusion, or Nuke. The same cannot be said for artists that only know Adobe After Effects, a layer-based compositing program.

Who is Steve Wright?

Steve Wright is a Senior Compositor, 2D Technical Director and a senior industry veteran in visual effects compositing with over 20 years of production experience. He has over 60 film credits such as "Blade: Trinity", "Ray", "Solaris", "Traffic", "U-571", "Air Force One", "Hart's War" and many, many more, and has also created the visual effects for 70 broadcast television commercials. Steve is now a master trainer traveling around the world conducting VFX compositing training for major visual effects studios using Shake and Nuke. He also produces training programs and conducts classes and workshops both on-line and location based. He is a member of the Visual Effects Society (VES) and the Digital Cinema Society (DCS).


He has published two books on this fascinating subject. (available on