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Currently Available Products:

Photoshop Basics Vol. 1

with Alex Lindsay
Get started in Photoshop with dvGarage founder, Alex Lindsay. In little over 3 hours, you will get a whirlwind tour of the Photoshop interface. Alex provides a blunt, production-oriented approach to Photoshop which gives you a production artistss view of the application.

Photoshop Basics Vol. 2

with Alex Lindsay
Mattes, masks, and alpha channels are probably the most important features that you need to understand in Adobe Photoshop to move to a higher, more professional level. In over four hours of video instruction, Alex Lindsay examines advanced matte creation techniques that you wont find in books.

Illustrator Lab Vol. 1

with Eric C. Carter
Adobe Illustrator CS features a rich assortment of tools that any artist can use to create stuning visual art. At first glance, these tools might seem intimidating, but with these tutorials and a little practice youll be creating beautiful graphics for print, web, advertising, or 3D applications.

Illustrator Lab Vol. 2

with Eric C. Carter
In the Illustrator Lab Vol. 1 we introduced you to the basics of working with Adobe Illustrator. With Vol. 2 we dive into some of the more advanced aspects of Adobe Illustrator, delving further into how to use Illustrator's tools to get the most out of your time and minimize your workload. Take Adobe Illustrator to the next level with the Illustrator Lab Vol. 2.