with Alex Lindsay

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Simply put, these selection tools are probably the most important features that you need to understand in Adobe Photoshop. Working without selection tools in Photoshop is like building something without your hands. They provide the control you need to make color correction, compile images and isolate areas. Creating selections can be done crudely with tools like the lasso and magic wand...or you can move to a higher, more professional level. 

That’s where our Photoshop Basics, Volume 2: Image Extraction disks start...

For beginners, there are overviews that define mattes, selections, and even layers. You’ll be introduced to the key concepts you need to understand matte creation and manipulation.


For intermediate and advanced users, there are advanced matte creation techniques you won’t find in books. The disk covers single channel extraction, difference keying, color range selections, paths, light wrap, matte refinement...all shown in the context of real projects where you see how it all comes together.

In over 4 hours of Quicktime video, you will learn more about channel creation and extraction than ever before. This is simply a “must-have“ for anyone serious about getting the most out of Photoshop.

Disk 1 comes with a 2-hour overview of concepts and techniques, while disk 2 has another two hours of Tips and Tricks, walking you through projects to make sure you see how it make it all work in your own digital photos.