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In the Illustrator Lab Vol. 1 we introduced you to the basics of working with Adobe Illustrator. With Vol. 2 we dive into some of the more advanced aspects of Adobe Illustrator, delving further into how to use Illustrator's tools to get the most out of your time and minimize your workload. Take Adobe Illustrator to the next level with the Illustrator Lab Vol. 2.

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful vector-based illustration program. While creating art with its tools requires some practice and a good understanding of the strengths and limitations of the program, skilled artists can create amazing logos, cartoons, photo-realistic illustrations, diagrams, advertisements, etc. This is where Illustrator Lab Vol. 2 comes in, guiding you through the designer's workflow and unveiling the hidden strengths within Adobe Illustrator while giving you a deeper understanding of this powerful program.



This two-disk set of tutorials covers such topics as:

   1. Getting Photo-realistic Illustrations
   2. Introduction to the 3D Features
   3. In-Depth Use of the Layer Palette
   4. Converting Text into Illustrator Shapes
   5. Fun Type Treatments
   6. Dissection of a Typical Workflow
   7. Creating and Working with Brushes
   8. Using a Wacom Tablet with Illustrator
   9. The Ins & Outs of Typography
  10. In-Depth Look at the Advanced Gradient Mesh Tool
  11. The New Scribble Feature
  12. Tips & Tricks to Make Your Time with Illustrator the Most Productive

And much, much, more...

With more than six hours of video demonstration and sample files from each project, Illustrator Lab Vol. 2 is loaded with all the information you'll need to overcome the learning curve. The videos contain step-by-step instructions, insights, expert advice, and tips & tricks on Adobe Illustrator from an outstanding artist of new media.

The discs include all project files, and two original sketches for use in trying out the tutorials on your own. A bonus movie, "Tips & Tricks", is included to highlight some time-saving and hidden, but useful, features.

You can download a demo version of Illustrator from Adobe.

The expert for this disk is Eric C. Carter. In 1997, after working for more than 10 years in various aspects of media from underground comics to 3D, Eric joined United Airlines in the Culture & Corporate Education Dept. There he became Lead Art Director for the Training Division, where he developed a variety of multimedia training applications. In 2001 he joined Toast Productions Inc. as a New Media Evangelist, promoting the benefits of new media to anyone who would listen. Expanding on his multimedia experience he created rich e-learning web applications as well as CD-ROM based training applications. In 2002 he moved with his wife to sunny California where he started his own company, Dizzy Pixel.