with Eric C. Carter

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Vector paths, control handles,
beizer curves, clipping masks...
What are they?
How do you make art with them?

Adobe Illustrator CS features a rich assortment of tools that any artist can use to create stunning visual art. At first glance, these tools might seem intimidating, but with these tutorials and a little practice you’ll be creating beautiful graphics for print, web, advertising, or 3D applications.

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based drawing program that relies on mathematical descriptions of points, lines, and colors instead of pixel values like a bitmap-based program such as Photoshop. Vectors are paths consisting of anchor points, segments, and applied strokes and fills. Creating art with these tools requires some practice and an understanding of the strengths and limitations of the process. T hat’s where the Illustrator Lab comes in: to guide you through the major tools and basic workflow so that you gain a practical understanding of this powerful application.

This two-disk set of tutorials covers such topics as:

   1. Anatomy of a path - understanding vector-based artwork
   2. Placing artwork into Illustrator
   3. Working with layers
   4. Strokes & Fills
   5. RGB vs. CMYK colorspace
   6. Using the Selection tools
   7. Understanding the Pathfinder pallet
   8. Working with Paths & Shapes
   9. Working with Rulers & Guides
  10. Grouping/Ungrouping Shapes
  11. Linear & Radial Gradients

And much, much, more...

Featuring over six hours of video demonstrations and detailed, step-by-step project instructions, Illustrator Lab is loaded with insights, expert advice, and tips from an outstanding artist of new media.

Sample project files are included plus an additional Bonus tutorial: “Introduction to Paths”. Everything* you need to gain a basic understanding of the application is included on these disks. 

*A demo version of Illustrator is not included. You can download one from Adobe.

The expert for this disk is Eric C. Carter. In 1997, after working for more than 10 years in various aspects of media from underground comics to 3D, Eric joined United Airlines in the Culture & Corporate Education Dept. There he became Lead Art Director for the Training Division, where he developed a variety of multimedia training applications. In 2001 he joined Toast Productions Inc. as a New Media Evangelist, promoting the benefits of new media to anyone who would listen. Expanding on his multimedia experience he created rich e-learning web applications as well as CD-ROM based training applications. In 2002 he moved with his wife to sunny California where he started his own company, Dizzy Pixel.