Bring the realism of authentic urban graffiti
and street art to your work.

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The Graffiti Collection expands on The Surface Toolkit by focusing on urban graffiti and street art. Rather than trying to create graffiti in an imaging application, The Graffiti Collection provides you a quick solution for projects that require an urban "feel". Whether you are working in 2D or 3D the textures can be applied quickly and easily giving your project an added level of realism in minutes.



The CD includes characters, tagging, colorful wall murals, reference images and a tutorial to get you started. Make sure to watch the sample movies to see how The Graffiti Collection can bring your project to life.




Michael Doig began his career as an underwater photographer in Hawaii. His work has been featured in numerous publications as well as on the cover of an Award Winning DVD. He created a documentary for the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association and has written and directed several short films. His photographic skills earned him a spot as a photographer on the set of "The Stranger". Michael now resides in Los Angeles, CA and works with numerous clients around Hollywood.