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<p>Hi, i am looking for some pocket flashlights to give my students, do you know what types are good? What brand is better? </p>

<p>As for pocket flashlights, here, I have some suggestions.</p>

<p>1. As for mini flashlight, you are recommended to get a waterproof one. Pocket flashlight is easy to drop, once drop to water, the flashlight may get broken if it is not waterproof. So, You are recommended to get a waterproof one</p>

<p>2. Good LED. High quality LED can ensure long life for the flashlight. Before you purchase the flashlight, you'd better ask where the LED is from. </p>

<p>3. Battery. Though mini flashlight consumes litter power, a good battery is recommended. </p>

1. portable mini flashlight, working with only 1xAAA battery. It has finger size, which is short and exquisite. An ideal choice for both men and women, the old and the young. 2.Fine workmanship of non-slip knurling.
3.Metal end clicky switch that can stand on tail.</p>

More flashlights from Tacteagle:</p>

<p>High lumen flashlight: flashlights that can emit 1000 lumen or more are also available
Rechargeable led flashlight: with the charging port made in the body, such flashlight can directly be recharegeable without remove the battery to charge seperately.
police security flashlight: flashlights specially made for police are supplied. </p>

August 23, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterJesson