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Flash is the industry's most advanced authoring environment for creating unique and engaging websites, online games, and animations. Flash Lab Vol. 2 takes you further into Flash, showing you the endless possibilites available with Flash. Discover some of the more advanced features of Flash that will open the door to new and creative uses of the application. That's where the Flash Lab Volume 2 comes in: to showcase and guide you through the more advanced features and workflow of Flash so that you gain a deeper understanding of this powerful multimedia authoring application. With these tutorials and a little practice you'll be on your way to creating all sorts of fantastic Flash content.

Compatible with Flash 8 and CS3, this Flash Lab covers such topics as:

   1. Understanding Publishing
   2. Creating a Preloader
   3. Building Animated Buttons
   4. Creating a Dropdown Navigation System
   5. Working with Flash's Components
   6. Working with Text
   7. Adding Sound to Flash

and much, much more...







With nearly 6 hours of video demonstration, Flash Lab Vol. 2 is loaded with step-by-step tutorials, insights, expert advice, and workflow tips from a longtime Flash designer. Source files are included with every lesson, many in stages to give you full insight into Eric's workflow.

A demo version of Flash can be downloaded at Adobe's website.

The expert for this disk is Eric C. Carter, owner of the new media company Dizzy Pixel. Eric has been using Flash since version 2 was released. At that moment Eric changed his whole focus in life to make sure that some way or another he used Flash nearly every day. From building Flash websites to building complex Flash-based applications and online training lessons for various Fortune 500 companies, Eric squeezes Flash into nearly every project he can. Find out more at the Dizzy Pixel website!