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dvMatte is not just the best, but the only true choice for Motion, Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express users who want to "key", or remove a blue or green screen background from DV, Beta, or HD footage.

It is also one of the fastest, easiest, and best ways to key digital footage on any platform and any software. If you're going to be keying digital footage in Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express, dvMatte will give you the professional edge.

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Key Features

3 Pass, Super-Fast Keyer - dvMatte Pro 3 uses 2 color differences keyers and a hybrid luminance keyer to produce some of the smoothest mattes you will ever see on digital footage in record time.

Built-in Spill Suppression - dvMatte Pro not only knocks out the background, it actually knocks out the spill... automatically. 

Built-in Color Matching Plug-in - Match your foreground and background color in just a few clicks. Studio now separates this into a new Color Matching Plug-in.

Built-in Edge Blending - Take your composites to the next level with dvMatte Pro's edge blending controls. 

Built-in Light Wrap Plug-in - Most compositors barely know what light wrap is... Don't worry, dvMatte Pro will easily add it to make you look like a pro even if you're just getting started. This also has been separated into a new and improved plug-in. 

*NEW* Screen Fix Plug-In - Use a clean plate (a frame without the subject in it) and dvMatte will clean the greenscreen making footage shot poorly more usable. This is truly a "silver bullet" for hard to key images.

What You Get

dvMatte Pro 3 - One of the most powerful greenscreen removal tools in the industry. (Now GPU-powered)

dvMatte Screenfix - Clean up bad greenscreen painlessly.

dvMatte Wrap - "Wrap" outside colors around your subject to make them part of the scene.

dvMatte Match - Quickly matches values in the foreground and background images to sync color spaces.

What Sets It Apart

Simplicity - You simply move down the interface making the adjustments you need. Watching the movie that ships with dvMatte Pro 3 will make you a near expert in 20 minutes or less! We spent a great deal of time minimizing what you have to look at. dvMatte does much of the work in the background for you!

Quick Set-up - Have you spent sleepless nights trying to pull a key from what looked like a clean shot? Are you sending your keying work out to other artists or applications? Try the dvMatte Pro Keyer. You'll find that you're pulling keys better than ever... often in 10 minutes or less!

Fast Rendering - dvMatte Pro's revolutionary processing is not only powerful, it's fast... one of the fastest on the market. If you have long segments to key, dvMatte Pro will be your best friend. The new dvMatte Pro is completely re-written to take advantage of the graphic processor to often provide real-time keying at 1920x1080p.

For DV and HDV, there is simply no close second - most people don't even think you can key DV footage! dvMatte Pro changes everything. You will be doing great composites in record time. There is simply no peer for dvMatte Pro for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express and Motion. If you plan to key DV, Beat, or HD... you need this plug-in!

Don't take our word for it! Download the demo version of dvMatte Pro and try it yourself.