The most powerful way to
key digital footage in Apple Motion and
Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 and Higher

Created by Ben Syverson

Your Price: $99


dvMatte, the universal choice for fast and easy keying of digital footage — now available for Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro!

Finally! With a little magic from dvGarage partner Ben Syverson, a no-nonsense, screaming fast keyer, that can handle everything from DV to HDV to HD! dvMatte Blast is nothing short of a breakthrough in keying technology. Never before has such an inexpensive solution been capable of such stunning results.

Written for Apple’s brand new FxPlug architecture, dvMatte Blast uses the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to achieve high quality, realtime keys on the desktop. You can literally key HD footage while it's playing! Sure, you can do the same thing with hardware keyers and super expensive software...but until now not with a $99 plug-in for a $299 application on a desktop machine.

dvMatte Blast makes it easy to get great keys in no time. It’s optimized for digital footage so edges are much cleaner than in many other more expensive (and much slower) keyers.

Key Features

3 Pass, Super Fast Keyer - dvMatte uses a color difference keyer, a hybrid luminance keyer, and an edge protection keyer, to produce some of the smoothest mattes you will ever see on digital footage — all in record time.

Built-in Spill Suppression - dvMatte not only knocks out the background, it actually knocks out the spill... automatically.

For DV, there is simply no close second—most people don’t even think you can key DV footage! dvMatte changes everything. You will be doing great composites in record time.

Don’t take our word for it! Download the demo version of dvMatte and try it yourself.

Here’s how it works...

While we think of color images on our computer as RGB, in video...the building blocks of the image are usually referred to as "YUV". Y is the luma information and is usually full resolution. The U and V channels hold the color information for the image and are usually scaled down to reduce the file size of the video. The ratio of this scaling is usually represented as 4:2:2, which means for every 4 pixels of Y (luma), there are only 2 pixels of U and V...this is normal for video footage though DV is further reduced to 4:1:1.

As it turns out, this is usually fine. We are remarkably forgiving about the color in an image if the luma (the black and white information) is sharp. Unfortunately for those of us who need to key the footage, this is a real problem. Keying relies on the color information, which, in digital footage, is one-half or one-quarter the resolution of the image.

Unlike most other keyers, dvMatte uses both the color information and the luma information to create much cleaner edges that simply aren’t possible any other way.

If you’ve got 1 shot or 100 that need fast, accurate digital keying, dvMatte is what you've been looking for! Keying digital footage has never been easier!

What’s the difference between dvMatte Blast and dvMatte Pro? dvMatte Blast is built for speed. We took out many of the features that would slow it down and just kept the most important tools. dvMatte Blast does not have built-in light wrap, color matching and some of the fine controls in dvMatte Pro. Many people won't know the difference or will be too addicted to the speed to care. For those that really want to tweak their keys, dvMatte Pro is there for you. But if you need to key 50 head shots in a day, dvMatte Blast is there to make sure you get home in time for dinner.