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We've been creating video greenscreen keyers for many years now and a common request has been to use the great technology we have in dvMatte for still images. dpMatte is our first solution in this area.
dpMatte provides a simple interface and blazing quick compositing. You can see your results in realtime, right in Aperture. All you need to do is select your screen color and adjust the contrast of the alpha channel. There's an 8-point garbage matte to get rid of screen vignetting and any other, well, garbage on the greenscreen.

But dpMatte doesn't just do simple keying. We've added the unspill process from Conduit to automatically remove all the green spill from your images without making them purple (a common problem with standard despill operations). From there, you can adjust the edge color and foreground tint of your image to match the background colors more effectively.
Finally, we added some basic compositing tools than allow you to scale and place your foreground over the selected background. You can also blur the background interactively to create the perfect portrait! We think photographers may start re-thinking standard backgrounds for portraits when they see how easy it is to add one later.

But you don't have to believe us...go to the Samples page and watch the video and download the demo version to try it for yourself!