Nodal compositing inside Apple Final Cut Pro, Final Cut
Express, Motion, & Adobe After Effects and Photoshop

Created by Pauli Ojala and Ben Syverson

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Contents System Requirements

Conduit Suite for
Apple Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express,
Motion & Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.

Free 3-Month Pixel Corps Membership
(For New Pixel Corps Members Only)

All Systems
1.25 GHz or faster PowerPC G4,
PowerPC G5, Intel Core Duo, or Intel;
Xeon processor
OSX 10.4.9 or higher
1 GB of RAM or more
QuickTime 7.1.6 or higher

One of the following is required:
Apple Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 or higher,
Final Cut Express 4,
Motion 2 or higher,
or Adobe CS3.

1. Please check with Apple Computer for more information on the technical requirements for Final Cut Pro Suite 2 and Final Cut Express 4.
2. Conduit Suite does not work with Final Cut Express 3 or with Final Cut Pro 4.
3. Free 3-month membership is not available to current members of the Pixel Corps.