Nodal compositing inside Apple Final Cut Pro, Final Cut
Express, Motion, & Adobe After Effects and Photoshop

Created by Pauli Ojala and Ben Syverson

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Demo & sample files for Conduit Suite


Demo version of Conduit 1.62 for Final Cut and Motion.

(1.4 MB - saved files are watermarked)
Unzip the file, and double-click on the resulting ‘.pkg’ file.
It will automatically install the plugin in Final Cut Pro or
Motion 2’s plugin folder.


Demo version of Conduit Live.

(4 MB - saved files are watermarked)
This demo version only allows for input via iSight and has no export of
record-to-disk function.


Manual and Tutorials (Video tutorials require QuickTime 7 or higher)

Conduit Suite Manual

(588 KB; 30 sec.)


Conduit Live Manual



Introduction to Conduit Live

(40 MB; 7 min., 27 sec.)


Introduction to Conduit for Photoshop

(8 MB; 2 min.)


Conduit... Starting Out

(1 MB; 55 sec.)


Overview of the Color Difference Keyer in Conduit

(9.3 MB; 6 min., 50 sec.)


Conduit... Understanding the Image Inputs

(1.3 MB; 1 min., 22 sec.)


Conduit... Pushing to White

(18.5 MB; 9 min., 8 sec.)


Conduit... Using the Unspill

(5 MB; 2 min., 46 sec.)


Conduit... Using the Over Node

(6.5 MB; 3 min.)


Sample Files

Sample HD Footage

(43 MB)


Project Files for Multi-pass Tutorial

(18.7 MB)


Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 Tutorials

Introduction to Conduit

(19.8 MB; 12 min., 41 sec.)


Overview of Basic Keying in FCP with Conduit

(6.3 MB; 5 min., 5 sec.)


Keying DV Footage in FCP with Conduit

(8.6 MB; 9 min., 28 sec.)


Introduction to Nodal Compositing

(8.1 MB; 5 min., 14 sec.)