Free 60-Day Beta: Conduit Suite 3D for Macintosh

Created by Pauli Ojala and Ben Syverson


Conduit 3D is all the functionality of Conduit 2.1, with additional 3D tools that you can't find anywhere else. It has an advanced graphical user interface that’s perfectly suited for 3D images.

Traditional video applications only offer a fixed timeline that fails to adequately represent the dual-stream nature of today’s 3D images. In contrast, Conduit 3D uses a node-based interface that makes the stereo workflow feel perfectly natural. All your streams are directly visible as connections in the node view.

Images for left and right eyes can be combined from different cameras; packed single-stream 3D stereo material can be separated into dual streams; streams can be adjusted and processed in unison or separately, and then finally combined into a single stream for monitor preview even while simultaneously recording the original streams to disk.

For live 3D capture, Conduit 3D has two powerful options: you can use any QuickTime-compatible video cameras or capture cards, or you can use the amazing new DeckLink 3D Extreme card by BlackMagic Design.

Conduit 3D has built-in support for the 3D features in BlackMagic capture cards, so you can capture 3D images from HD-SDI or HDMI 1.4 video streams using DeckLink 3D.

Conduit 3D can fix alignment and geometry problems in stereo images, and makes it easy to change the parallax shift or realign the images in 3D space. The Stereo 3D Align Images tool is a powerful perspective correction utility. Simply pick matching points in both images, and the images are automatically aligned.

Another tool, Stereo 3D Adjust has settings for shift, rotation, scaling and keystone. Both these adjustment tools have visual aids that allow you to overlay a grid, and view the difference between the two images as a single image for easiest alignment.

For further adjustments, you can apply node-based effects to the left or right eye images to tweak them individually without any limitations. The Conduit Effect includes advanced masking, keying and color correction tools that can be combined in any fashion. It’s directly compatible with the Conduit Suite plugins for Final Cut Suite and After Effects, so effects can be transferred to editing with a minimum of fuss.

The Stereo 3D Effect tool unleashes the power of Conduit effects on 3D images. This unique compositing tool has both stereo and non-stereo image inputs, so you can apply effects to a 3D stereo image in unison, while also including elements that are 2D such as a background layer.

This tool also has stereo vectorscopes functionality, which allows you to view both streams of the stereo image in the same vectorscope display. Scopes work equally for both live and prerecorded material.

Conduit 3D íncludes all the standard features of Conduit Suite:
   • Conduit Pixel Engine, the advanced GPU compositing system
   • Pervasive floating point rendering ensures highest color quality and eliminates artifacts
   • Multitude of video recording options
   • Support for pro video formats (high-depth QuickTime & DPX, etc.)
   • Advanced scripting for graphics and interactive controls, in easily accessible JavaScript
   • Cue lists and programmable controls for live operation (Conduit Live Stage Tools)

Bonus feature:
For a completely different kind of three-dimensional view of the world, try the Kinect input in Conduit 3D!

Kinect, the best-selling hardware accessory by Microsoft, is a fun way to control video games… But actually it’s a sophisticated depth camera. The image from the Kinect shows where each pixel is placed in space. It can even operate in total darkness. It’s like a Z-buffer from a CGI application, except that it’s a three-dimensional slice of the real world updating live. Combine the depth image with stereo 3D for some truly amazing recordings of the real world in its complete depth.


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