Now...Conduit Suite 2.2 for Macintosh

Created by Pauli Ojala and Ben Syverson


The Conduit Suite for Macintosh... one application and four plug-ins in one. It's simple. With Conduit Suite 2.2 you can:

--Composite and analyze live video input on set

--Use nodal techniques in Photoshop, After Effects and, of course, use nodal compositing in Final Cut Pro and Motion.

One technology brings them all together.

In addition to providing real-time, nodal compositing in the Mac, Conduit Suite 2.2 ties compositing applications together. Now, you can do the same thing in Final Cut Pro, Motion, Photoshop, After Effects, or live on set and save that solution for others to use. Art Directors can set up a look for a shoot and DPs on set can decide how their work will be composited. Artists can also pass conduits between applications so After Effects artists can get the same result their counterpart in Motion is getting.


What is Conduit?

Conduit is a nodal compositor that can stand on its own, or sit inside of Motion and Final Cut Pro, or  After Effects and Photoshop. Nodal compositors provide a powerful flow-chart approach to compositing. Rather than thinking in layers, each node applies an operation. This approach is very popular in high-end facilities because it provides a very open ended way to create composites that are customized to each challenge.

Conduit's nodal compositing interface allows you to have much of the power you would have in larger, more expensive solutions used for film work, without having to leave Final Cut Pro. Sometimes, all you need is a keyer (there are 3 keyers provided in Conduit), but sometimes your footage has a special problem that requires more than a simple "add a filter" type of problem. Conduit lets you, when you want to, really get under the hood and create your own custom solutions that really solve your specific problem with a scalpel instead of a sledgehammer.

In the end, this provides better quality results without long render times.

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Purchase of Conduit 2.2 includes a

free 1 year membership in the Pixel Corps!

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Instructions will be with your product download.

What Do You Get?

Conduit Live - A GPU-powered, stand-alone nodal capture tool designed for live, real-time video compositing (Mac only).

Conduit fxPlug - GPU-powered nodal ccompositing for Final Cut Pro and Motion (Mac only).

Conduit After Effects - Nodal compositing for After Effects. (Mac only).

Conduit Photoshop - Nodal compositing for Photoshop (Mac only).

How Does it Work?

Conduit's true brain is the Conduit Pixel Engine developed by Lacquer. The Conduit Pixel Engine is revolutionary because it fuses the entire compositing process into an efficient GPU program. This is the optimal way of extracting performance from your video card, and it renders at full 32-bit floating point quality even if your Motion composition is rendering at 8-bit. So when you build an effect in Conduit, you're actually getting better performance and color recision than Motion offers on its own.



What's New in Conduit Live 2.2

Conduit is a nodal-based compositing application. Conduit Live 2.2 employs the same core technologies and interface as the Conduit plugins. Effects created in the standalone application can be painlessly transferred to Conduit for Final Cut Studio or After Effects, or the other way around. Like the other Conduit products, Conduit Live uses pervasive floating point rendering which ensures high dynamic range and color precision.

In addition to the baseline Conduit feature set, Conduit Live 2.2 offers a number of additional features that make it useful for applications such as video capture, live performance, and dynamic generative video installations. Some highlights:

Direct-to-disk video recording 

Minimum-latency multithreaded rendering 

Support for professional video and image sequence file formats 

Keyframe animation 

Application-wide scripting 

90-day free trial

Conduit Live 2.2 has a timeline mode and can export to a number of video and image formats, so it's also possible to use it as a standalone compositing application. And now you can try it free for 90 days! Just grab it on the Downloads page.

What's New in Conduit 2.2  for Final Cut Studio, After Effects and Photoshop

Curves: One of the most popular image adjustment tools in Photoshop is Curves which allows the user to modify the image’s tone range with a high level of control.

Floater windows: Conduit 2.2 introduces node-specific “floater” windows that allow a clutter-free view of the important tools right on top of the image being edited.

Image analysis nodes: Conduit 2.2 introduces the possibility for nodes to analyze the image and send the results back to the Conduit user interface.

Scopes everywhere: Conduit Live has a complete set of video scopes. In Conduit 2.2, these scopes are also available in the Conduit plugins (Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects).

On-screen controls: Conduit 2.2 offers the necessary programming interfaces that allow nodes to render accelerated overlays and handle mouse and tablet events.

Shapes: The Shapes node can be used to create high-quality vector masks and shapes.

Place Over node: The Place Over node is a layering tool that offers better quality and more options than the existing combination of 2D Transform and Over nodes. Place Over supports rotation and does high-quality antialiasing.

JavaScript: Conduit 2.2 introduces far-reaching scripting possibilities through its JavaScript engine and a complete set of JavaScript APIs.

Canvas 2D graphics API: Canvas is a JavaScript graphics programming interface. You can use Canvas to render shapes, patterns, gradients, text, images, and almost any imaginable combination thereof.

Supernode: Probably the flagship feature of Conduit 2.2 is the supernode, a special node that combines all of Conduit’s technologies into a single encapsulation. Supernodes can be easily used to package conduit effects as nodes, i.e. macros, but their possibilities go much further. With Supernode, ordinary users can create complex realtime visual effects, package them as plugins, easily distribute their creations -- and even sell them as protected binary plugins.

64-Bit: Conduit 2.2 has special 64-bit installers for Adobe's new CS5.


Please check out the tutorials on the "Downloads" page! More are coming!

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