dvGarage, the Pixel Corps and Ask a Ninja have teamed up to allow viewers and members to try their hand at building the next open for "Ask a Ninja".

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to key the Ninja and edit your own version of the open to the music. Be careful! These files are big. Like the Ninja, we're not pulling any punches here. We shot the footage on a Red Camera and converted it to Apple ProRes 4444. This means you have "Film Quality" clips of the Ninja to build your new open. Don't know where to start? Check out the tutorials below to see how you can use Conduit, dvMatte or even iMovie to key the Ninja. If you need them, download the Ninja Versions of dvMatte and Conduit Plug-ins... they are fully operation this week!

When you have your open complete, go here and reply to Alex's invite video on YouTube. If you want to discuss the open, ask questions, or just hang out... join the forums here. Don't be shy! Post the full 1080p goodness... right to YouTube! We can't wait to see what you come up with! Don't Wait! The current challenge will suffer a horrible and painful end - OCTOBER 3, 2010.

Thank you to Pixel Corps for the production, the Ninja for being...him, and for hosting dvGarage (and all of these huge files!). Enjoy it while it lasts, now that you've seen the Ninja... well, you know.


The Challenege is concluded. Thanks to everyone for participating!



Conduit Suite 2.0 NINJA VERSION (Alive until Oct 6)

Installer (23.3MB)



(Control-Click to Download Assets Directly)

How to Key a Ninja in Conduit / Motion

Video tutorial (36MB)


How to Key a Ninja in dvMatte Pro / Final Cut Pro

Video tutorial (13MB)


How to Key a Ninja in iMovie

Video tutorial (4MB)



(Control-Click to Download Assets Directly)


Apple ProRes 4444 Greenscreen Elements
(Control-Click to Download Assets Directly)

Video file (199.3MB)

Video file (133MB)

Video file (119.2MB)

Video file (107.5MB)